You Imagine it... We Design and Prototype it


MICRO WORLD, in association with PSYONICS, has been designing hardware and software solutions for commercial products and scientific research for over 40 years. Our MICRO WORLD division was one of the first Authroized Apple Resellers and Service Providers in the country, operating a retail store / service center since 1977.


We recently closed the retail operation to concentrate on the design / consultation aspect of our business. We now offer an expanded array of services including product prototyping, microcontroller hardware and software design, app design and 3D printng.


In our 38 years as an Authorized Apple dealer and hardware developer, we serviced almost 10,000 customers. While we no longer advertise our service facilities, we are still available to 'help out' with issues like liquid spills, hard drive failures and data recovery.


As one of the oldest and longest running Authorized Apple locations, we have one of the most extensive collections of original Apple literature, service manuals, service parts and promotional items in the world (dating back to 1978). If you are an Apple Collector, need Apple II or original Mac 128 parts, we are your source. Our Apple dealer literature archive has over 5000 items including original AD slicks, buttons, T-shirts and signage. Due to the vast collection, we are making some of the items available. More details are on the COLLECTORS page.

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