Liquid Spill and Data Recovery


After we closed our Authorized Apple Retail and Service Facility, we continued to help our over 10,000 local customers. We now work on Apple notebooks that have sustained liquid damage as well as data recovery from damaged systems.


Liquid Spills


Our technicians have had great success in repairing systems that have corroded due to liquid spills. The one pictured above was cleaned in our special blend of chemicals and returned fully working with all data intact. Due to the severity of damage that these types of spills can do, we cannot make any promises, but before you give up.... give us a call.


Legacy Data Services


Since we started in the beginning of the microcomputer revolution, we have kept backwards compatibility with older media including ZIP drives, 5.25 floppy in both Apple and PC formats. We may be able to CONVERT your legacy information into new readable formats, including old Apple II series disks.


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